Ubojnia Drobiu FARMEXFARMEX is a company which owns a status of the agricultural producers group.
From the beginning (2008) it units the poultry meat farmers. Thanks to their experience and cooperation they still develop their activity and make high-quality products. Since April 2010 within the group there functions a slaughterhouse, which based on the group’s members’ farms. It also cooperates with the other poultry meat farmers. Thanks to using our own cropping to the forage production, fully ecological breeding and a modern technology we can offer healthy and the highest quality poultry meat. The production processes are done according to all legal and environmental requirements.

Transport mięsa drobiowego Producenta Drobiu FARMEXThe company has its own technical transport. The provided products are fresh and in right temperature. The delivery is always on time. We are located in the central Poland that’s why we can ensure a transport in a short time on the territory of whole our country.
We plan to develop our company, production capacity and the goods’ offer.
The company has its own permanent suppliers and receivers who appreciate our reliability and the quality of our products.
We do our best to make each customer satisfied with our service.

We invite you to cooperation !

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